[SDMF-020] Thank you for being with me

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A touching fictional story about a small family, including father, mother, older brother and beautiful younger sister, Natsu, who is studying in college. Their family was living together very happily until one day Natsu's older brother suffered from sex addiction syndrome. To help her son control his emotions, Natsu's mother bought fake braids to help her son. From that moment on, Natsu's family's life turned upside down, her father and mother were extremely sad because of their son. Natsu, because he loved his mother, decided to use his body to help satisfy his brother, even though her mother had already discovered that, she still gritted her teeth and let her daughter do so. Then Natsu's father also found out, unlike his mother, Natsu's father was extremely angry and decided to kick Natsu's brother out of the house. What will Natsu do to help the brother she always loves? Ps: Natsu Tojo is a pretty idol, but she is greatly underestimated for her abilities. Maybe because my poster is not as sparkling as other idols.

[SDMF-020] Thank you for being with me

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